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    1 A foreign grade steel plate, called 16 molybdenum 3, standard EN10028/EN10222-2 2017
    Used for making boilers or pressure vessels
    Naming: It is named according to the content of C (carbon) and Mo (molybdenum). It means that the carbon content of the steel plate is about 160, while the molybdenum content is about 300.
    Heat treatment: normalizing or normalizing + tempering

    2 When 16Mo3 is welded, it is different from other materials. It should be preheated first, and the weld should be kept warm for about 30 minutes after completion of welding.
    Manganese in 16mo3 steel plate is also an important alloy element in steel, and also an important hardenability element. It has a great influence on the toughness of weld metal.
    The toughness of weld metal of 16mo3 steel plate is very high when Mn content is less than 0.05%.
    16mo3 steel plate is brittle when Mn content is more than 3%.
    When Mn content of 16mo3 steel plate is equal to 0.6-1.8%, TEL: 180-377-99127% weld metal has higher strength and toughness.

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