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    NM450 wear-resistant steel plate is widely used in mining machinery, coal mine machinery, environmental protection machinery, engineering machinery, etc., and is also commonly used as high-strength structural steel with a yield strength of ≥700MPa:

    1: Name: N is Nai (Nai), M is the first pinyin letter of two Chinese characters (mo), 450 represents the average Brinell hardness of this steel plate. 

    2:Heat treatment: high temperature tempering, quenching + tempering (tempering) 3:Function: It is mainly to provide protection for the occasions or parts that require wear resistance, so that the: equipment life is longer, and the maintenance shutdown caused by maintenance is reduced, and the capital investment is correspondingly reduced. 4:Performance: The yield is over 800, and the tensile strength is over 1000.

    Wear resistant plate has following advantages:

     1.  Flat surface and nice outlooking                               2. Outstanding welding strength

        3. Excellent wear resistance                                         4. Excellent impact resistance

        5. Easy processing                                                         6. High Cost Performance

        7. Comprehensive quality control.


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