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    Plain carbon steel

    Low carbon steel is generally rolled into angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, steel strip or steel plate, which is used to make various building components, containers, boxes, furnace bodies and agricultural machinery. High quality low carbon steel is rolled into thin plates to make deep drawing products such as automobile cab and engine hood, and bars are also rolled into bars for mechanical parts with low strength requirements. Generally, low carbon steel is not heat treated before use, and carburizing or cyaniding treatment is carried out for parts with high surface temperature and good wear resistance.

    The use of low carbon steel is limited due to its low strength. The strength of carbon steel can be greatly improved by properly increasing the manganese content in carbon steel and adding a small amount of vanadium, titanium, niobium and other alloy elements. If the carbon content in the steel is reduced and a small amount of aluminum, boron and carbide forming elements are added, the ultra-low carbon bainite can be obtained with high strength and good plasticity and toughness.


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