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    Checkered steel plate

    patterned section

    A steel plate with a raised (or depressed) pattern on its surface.

    Checkered steel plate, also known as chequered steel plate, is the steel plate with rhombic or protruding edges on its surface.

    The pattern can be a single diamond, lentil or round bean shape, or two or more patterns can be properly combined to form a composite pattern plate.

    The pattern mainly plays the role of antiskid and decoration. The results show that the combined pattern plate is superior to the single pattern plate in terms of anti slip ability, bending resistance, metal saving and appearance.

    Pattern steel plate is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, automobile, tractor, train carriage and construction industry.

    Due to the sharp edge on the surface and anti-skid effect, the pattern steel plate can be used as floor, workshop escalator, work frame pedal, ship deck, car bottom plate, etc.

    The pattern steel plate is used for the pedal of workshop, large equipment or ship's walkway and stairs. It is the steel plate with diamond or lentil pattern on the surface.

    The steel plate is made of ordinary carbon steel 1-3 class B steel, with thickness of 2.5-8 mm, width of 600-1800 mm and length of 2000-12000 mm.

    The specification of pattern steel plate is expressed by basic thickness (excluding the thickness of rib), and there are 10 specifications of 2.5-8 mm. No. 1-3 is used for checkered plate.

    The height of the checkered plate shall not be less than 0.2 times of the thickness of the substrate;

    The pattern steel plate shall be delivered according to the actual weight or theoretical weight;

    Mark example: made of Q235-A, with the size of 4 * 1000 * 4000mm

    Round bean pattern steel plate, its mark is: round bean pattern steel plate q235-a-4 * 1000 * 4000-gb / T 3277-91

    Diamond pattern steel plate, marked as: rhombic pattern steel plate B 3-4 * 1000 * 4000-gb 3277-82

    The steel plate shall be delivered in hot rolling condition; the surface of patterned steel plate shall be free of bubbles, scabs, tensile cracks, folds and inclusions, and the steel plate shall not be stratified.

    The surface quality is divided into two levels:

    General accuracy: the steel plate surface is allowed to have a thin layer of oxide scale, rust, surface roughness and other local defects with height or depth exceeding the allowable deviation. No obvious burr and individual marks with height not exceeding the grain height are allowed on the pattern. The maximum area of a single defect does not exceed the square of the length of the grain.

    High precision: thin oxide scale, rust and other local defects with height or depth not exceeding half of thickness tolerance are allowed on steel plate surface.

    The pattern shall be complete and undamaged, and local slight burr with height not exceeding half of thickness tolerance is allowed.


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