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    a516 gr.70 steel plate HIC
    1. The steel plate has low P and s content, high purity and good resistance to wet hydrogen sulfide corrosion;

      2. The low temperature toughness is good, and the steel plate above 100 mm can protect the transverse impact at - 30 ℃ at 1 / 2 of the plate thickness;
      3. The thickness of HIC steel is 176mm, and the thickness of steel plate can be guaranteed by domestic manufacturers;
      4. Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) resistance test method is in accordance with NACE tm0284 standard or gb8650 standard. The average values of three samples are: CLR ≤ 10%, CSR ≤ 3%, CTR ≤   1%;CLR: crack length percentage; CSR: crack sensitivity percentage; CTR: crack thickness percentage;
      5. Excellent resistance to sulfide stress corrosion (SSCC);
      6. The hardness of the steel plate surface is controllable, and the product has good machinability and is easy to roll.

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